Video Games

Catherine: Full of Metaphor

Catherine: Full Body uses its wealth of metaphor and Biblical allusions to subvert common moral contemplations on relationships by insisting commitment to one's desires is "true freedom".

Reflections in Danganronpa

I present an argument proposing Danganronpa reflects a socio-economic moment in society.

The Conclusion of Danganronpa: A Dichotomy of Hope and Despair?

I go through my closing argument about one of my favorite game series of all time and its final installment.

An Extended Analysis of Persona 5

I cover the message Persona 5 conveys and the means by which it does so, as well as the individual aspects that make it a fantastic game.

A Breath of Fresh Air for Zelda

I cast away my previous hatred for Zelda games and look to a better future for the series with the release of Breath of the Wild.

An Extended Analysis of Persona 4 Golden

I delve into the specifics of how and why the JRPG/Social Sim Persona 4 Golden for the PS Vita is so well made.

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